Foam Table Trainer

Foam Table Trainer

Foam Table Trainer

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Model #: CFT-135
Manufacturer: Spieth America
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The Foam Table Trainer facilitates skill progression training for gymnasts using the regulation Vault Table. It is constructed with EVA foam over high-density polyurethane foam for maximum surface stability. Hook and loop fastener secures the sections together and firmly keeps the trainer in place on a carpeted surface.

Trainer consists of four sections: 
  • 40cm (15 3/4")
  • 60cm (23 5/8")
  • 15cm (5 15/16")
  • 10cm (3 15/16")
Total height is 125cm (49 3/16"). Optional CFT-135-10 allows trainer to reach 135cm (53 1/8") (sold separately).

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