Freestanding Uneven Bars

Freestanding Uneven Bars

Freestanding Uneven Bars

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Ships within: 2-3 Weeks
Model #: 1383124
Manufacturer: Spieth Germany
Plus Freight

Uneven Bars with retractable legs for higher stability. Easy to operate adjusting tubes assisted by springs. 

Width adjustment, measure diagonally, is from 130cm (51”) to 205cm (80 5/7”). Low bar height adjust from 143cm (56 1/3”) to 193cm (76”) and the high bar adjusts from 218cm (86”) to 266cm (14 3/4”) in 5cm
(2”) increments.
A rail can easily be removed and interchanged with the steel rail of Horizontal Bar (#4140705). Integrated built-in transport system.
Can alternatively be tensioned with cables (#2203314).

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