Anti-Viral Training Mat - 200x175x10cm
Equipment Features:
  • This versatile landing mat has been designed to increase protection, confidence, and comfort in training while reducing the transmission of virusesThe antiviral properties offer effective protection against viruses including COVID-19 and other bacteria
  • Manufactured integrating silver particles that react and can reduce the spread of virus on the working area by up to 95% after just 15minutes, and 99.5% within 60 minutes
  • Antivirus properties tested
  • Designed for multi-purpose intensive use, this mat is ideal for all gymnastics and acrobatic landing
  • Providing comfort and safety while limiting the spread of virus due to its unique antiviral protective cover
  • Carrying handles are also manufactured with the anti-viral covering to ensure maximum sanitary protection
  • This cover can keep anti-viral properties up to 3 years

Product Specs:
  • 200cm x 175cm x 10cm Safety Mat with Anti-Virus Protective Cover
  • Fire Rated, 590 gr/m2, smooth PVC cover, complies with REACH regulations, including virucidal and bactericidal properties
  • Single density (29kg/m3), polyurethane foam
  • 4 Carrying handles

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Anti-Viral Training Mat - 200x175x10cm

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