Defender Disinfectant Atomizer
The Xanigo disinfectant atomizers give you the ability to disinfect a mat or room of any size in a very short period of time. 

Reduced Inhalation Risk
The atomizer is designed and tested to produce a droplet size that settles fast and dries in 90 seconds. Combined with Xanigo disinfectant with a dwell time of 60 seconds, it does its job!

Saves Disinfectant Cost
The power of the Xanigo atomizer enables it to use far less disinfectant than others to effectively cover the same area. Less disinfectant means cost savings for your school or business.

Simple and Easy to Use
The Xanigo atomizer is designed to be simple to operate. Unscrew the pot, fill with disinfectant, screw it back on and pull the trigger. It's that simple!

  • Light and easy to use
  • Consistent and effective
  • 3rd-party tested to ensure efficacy
  • Uses far less disinfectant than mopping
  • Fast... you will cut disinfecting time in half or more
  • Reliable... built and designed to last

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Defender Disinfectant Atomizer

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