SuperFlex EVA Carpet Bonded Foam Rolls - 6' x 42' x 1" (Non-Flex)

SuperFlex EVA Carpet Bonded Foam Rolls - 6' x 42' x 1" (Non-Flex)

SuperFlex EVA Carpet Bonded Foam Rolls - 6' x 42' x 1" (Non-Flex)

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Ships within: 2-3 Weeks
Model #: 215R NON Flex
Manufacturer: EZ Flex
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EZ Flex SuperFlex mats are made using our durable 26 oz. needle punch carpet and a blend of high-performance EVA and cross-linked polyethylene foam for enhanced shock-absorption and rebound. 

  • Two layers of EVA foam combined with cross-linked polyethylene foam for superior performance.
  • Tough 26 oz. Needle-Point Carpet
  • Includes one roll of 4" hook fastener per seam
  • Three Year Limited Warranty


One roll of 4" hook fastener is included per seam (total number of carpet rolls minus one)
Note: Carpet color shades may vary slightly between orders.

Non-Flex Mat Warning: Non-Flex mats are rolled with carpet-side out, and will need several hours to lay flat on their own when unrolled. Please do not try to force the Non-Flex mat flat as that may damage the mat permanently. Non-Flex mats must be rolled back up with the carpet side out, and will be creased permanently if rolled up backwards.

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Surface 26 oz. Needle Punch Carpet
Thickness 1"
Warranty Three-Year Limited
Weight 100 lbs
Rolled Size 32" (diam) x 72" (height)

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