Delivery Terms & Procedures

This document outlines the standard terms for delivery when ordering an EZ Flex mat, outlining the steps that should be taken when receiving. We can't continue processing your order until you've read and accepted these terms.


First off, thank you for your order with EZ Flex Sport Mats. EZ Flex takes pride in the product we build and we would like you to receive your mats in perfect condition. The most economical way to ship our product to you can be through a common freight carrier (Less Than Truckload) such as R&L Freight, FedEx Freight, or Saia. There is a risk for these carriers to damage the product during transit and EZ Flex needs your help to fully inspect the products upon arrival so if there is any damage by the freight carrier we can remedy the situation for you immediately. Please clearly read the outlined suggestions below. We will email you the specific information including tracking numbers when the mat leaves our facility.

When your mat is delivered you will be responsible for the following:

  1. Provide personnel to move the mat rolls from the truck into the building. A two-wheel hand truck is the safest way to move the mat rolls. Two people can easily move the mat.
  2. Count the number of packages and be sure it matches the Bill of Lading (delivery papers). Services such as LIFT GATE or INSIDE DELIVERY are additional charges at your time of delivery. If you request or accept the driver's suggestion to use a lift gate or inside delivery then you or your organization will be subject to additional charges from EZ Flex Sport Mats. If in doubt, do not request these additional services, or simply decline the delivery driver's offer.
  3. Inspect the packages as you unload them from the truck. Since the mats may have been moved on and off of trucks in route, the possibility exists for damage. Minor scratches or nicks to the foam is normal however large punctures, cuts or missing foam that will effect the performance of the mat is not acceptable. Some mats will be shipped in large cardboard boxes while others will be shipped in plastic bags. Look over the exterior packaging for any signs of damage such as tears, punctures, dents, or any other visible damage to the packaging.
  4. If you find anything that is significant you must note the damage on the Bill of Lading prior to signing for the mats. If you note the damage we will be able to file a claim with the freight company for repair or replacement of the damaged section. If there does not appear to be damage to the product but the bag looks torn or ripped, write 'damage'. Always be as specific as possible when recording damage notes on bill of lading.
  5. If damage is not noted and the mats are signed for, you are accepting the mats in the condition received and neither the freight company nor EZ Flex can be held responsible for the damage. EZ Flex will however work with you to repair any damage as economically as possible.
  6. If you have any questions call EZ Flex immediately at 877-939-3539.

There is potential for a small amount of moisture to be present on the mat because water is used in the manufacturing process. To help dry the small amount of moisture on your mats you can stand them up on end and they will dry out. Alternatively, you can lay the mats down and they will dry after a short period of time. If the packaging is severely soaking wet this is abnormal and you must write this description down on the bill of lading. Once the mat is off the truck and the packaging is inspected, sign the delivery papers and keep a copy for your records. Afterwards, you can unroll the mats and check markings and appearance.

If you have any questions regarding care and use of your new EZ Flex mats please contact your sales person. Thank you for purchasing EZ Flex mats and we trust that you will enjoy years of use from your new mats.

We also recommend watching this video guide for receiving your mats: