Like most new students, you’re probably overwhelmed by everything you need to do, but before you squeeze everything into your car and motor off to your new home, it’s worth double checking to make sure you’re not forgetting anything. Here are five things most students completely forget about when they head off to university:

1. Storage

First and foremost, you’re going to need stuff to hold all your stuff. More specifically, shelves and drawers. Remember, your new abode probably won’t have any furnishings, so be sure to take at least a bureau and a couple of wall shelves – that way you can actually unpack.

2. Laundry

That’s right, you’re doing your own laundry from now on, so pack a box of detergent, bleach, and stain remover. A laundry basket or hamper is a good idea too, that way you won’t have to use your floor to store your dirty clothes. Also, bring a sewing kit. Never know when you might need it.

3. Fitness

Long hours of studying tend to cut into gym time, but don’t let yourself slide. Set yourself up with a workout space as soon as you can and get comfortable using it. EZ Flex Home Mats are perfect for students since they fold up and store easily, but they’re still strong and stable enough to use all the time. Try to at least get in some aerobics or calisthenics for 20 minutes a day; it’ll keep your mind focused for those long study sessions.

4. Decorations

Who wants a boring living space? Be sure to pull down those posters and pictures you’ve got hanging up in your room and toss them in the car. When you see the bare walls of your new home, you’ll be glad you brought them. Keep in mind that some dorms are finicky, so it’s best not to bring nails or tacks. Stick with tape or adhesives.

5. Stationery

You’re going to be writing more than you ever have, which means you’re finally going to start appreciating things like paper clips and staplers. Grab yourself a bunch of folders and binders too – professors love a well-bound paper. And don’t forget your printer (bring plenty of ink)!