We all know that the off season is a time when major sporting athletes tend to relax and take it easy, but should the same rule apply to your children? If you’re concerned that your child might backslide during a lazy summer, here are a few things to remember before encouraging them to take up a summer sport.

Everyone Loves a Vacation

A vacation is something you earn for working hard. If your child has had a full and active year of scholastic sports, it might be a good idea to grant them some off time during the summer.

If you’re concerned that your child might lose interest in sports after a summer off, consider encouraging them to maintain a light workout regimen to keep them fit. Tasking them with a half hour a day of stretching and light exercise isn’t too much to ask, and all they’ll need is a clear corner to lay down on an EZFlex Mat.

Resting Reduces the Chance of Injury

Not all injuries are immediate; in fact, many serious athletic injuries are caused by repetitive exertion. Giving your child a month or two of free time allows their body to heal back up to full, reducing the chance of injury during their next year of sports.

Engaging in Low Impact Activities

Many professional athletes engage in less demanding activities during the off season, like golf, fishing, or yoga. Encouraging your child to try out more relaxed sporting activities will allow them to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle without risking the injuries or burnout often associated with year-round athletics.

Consider Coaching

If your child is old enough, they might want to assist in coaching with a local peewee or grade school sporting team. Staying out on the field will keep them active, and having them learn how to be a coach is a great way to provide them with long term career options.