Whether you’re a dedicated cheerleader or a supportive cheer mom, you might be wondering if cheer camp is a good summer investment. While it’s true that cheer camp means you have to give up part of your summer vacation, there are many benefits to attending. Here are four of the most important:

Practice, Practice, Practice!

We all know the first rule of cheerleading: the more you practice, the better you cheer. At cheer camp, you’ll get plenty of practice, which means your skills won’t slacken over a long and lazy summer. Keep in mind that you’ll need to bring all the gear you normally practice with, and you should consider bringing a mat of your own. We recommend a EZFlex Home Mat for a good balance of stability and portability.

Learning New Techniques

There are always opportunities to learn new things at cheer camp, so if expanding your skill set is something you feel you need to work on, then you should definitely attend. Try to practice your newer techniques in the mornings so you’re fresher and less fatigued.

Getting to Know your Team

Spending time with your team over the course of a cheer camp will bring all of you close together in a way that even a full season of practices never could. You’ll be spending all day and night together, and by the time it’s over, you’ll have made new friends from .

Making New Friends

At cheer camp, you’re sure to meet all kinds of new people, and since you have a great deal in common you’ll be making new friends left and right. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and write down contact information for all the new friends you make!