Wrestling is often portrayed as a “boys only” sport that encourages aggressiveness and violence, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

Wrestling has long been enjoyed by girls and women of all ages, and participation in girls wrestling has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last decade. And while wrestling is primarily an individual sport, it also has aspects of team sports, encouraging cooperation, good sportsmanship, and a healthy serving of discipline – all of which are important for a young person to learn. 

Here are 5 reasons why your child should consider going out for the wrestling team:


Wrestling requires strength, coordination, flexibility, and stamina, which means training in wrestling will encourage your child to maintain good physical health. Allow your child to practice at home by investing in a EZ Flex Mat (ezflexmats.com) and providing them with a safe space to stretch and train.


Wrestlers train hard together, and during competitions the bonds of friendship are impossible to avoid. By working together as a team, your child will learn to count on other people, and what it means to have other people count on them.


Even though wrestling is an individual sport at its core, there are many team aspects, such as dual meets. By building friendships with other wrestlers, your child will have a reason to want to do well, and wanting to do well will encourage them to be responsible about improving their skills and staying in shape.


No one wins every match, and learning how to take a fall gracefully is something every wrestler eventually learns. Wrestling will teach your child that no failure is permanent; what matters is learning from the experience and doing better the next time around.


In many states, athletes must maintain a certain GPA to be able to be part of the team. This encourages your child to finish their studies and keep up their grades. And remember, a large number of colleges offer wrestling scholarships!