Both beginner and advanced cheerleaders need to work on their skills weekly, if not daily in order to master their sport. The standard skills like handstands, backsprings, basket tosses, and cartwheels are just a few of stunts you will use a mat for. A good quality cheerleading mat will protect athletes by providing a stable base and landing surface that will minimize injury while building skills.

Tumbling Mat Basics

Modern cheerleading borrows heavily from gymnastics tumbling.  Tumbling includes a range of movements like twists, flips, rolls, and jumps. These will add movement and speed to a cheerleading routine. Beginning cheer athletes must master the following on the mat:

  • Forward and backward rolls
  • Handstands and cartwheels
  • And importantly enough...jumps (a mat will make this easier in the training years)

The right mat will help to protect the spine as strength and confidence are built over time.

Advanced Skills on the Mat

Cheerleaders with experience can work on mastering more complex moves like:

  • Handsprings
  • Back handsprings
  • Aerial cartwheels
  • Toe Touches
  • Pikes and Herkie’s 
  • And Double Nine’s

An Air Floor can provide an excellent, consistent amount of support during longer tumbling combinations.

Safety: Keep stunts on a Cheerleading Mat

Cheerleading competitions are full of amazing pyramid formations and fun-filled routines that have athletes flying and  launching gracefully into the air. Stunts like these make cheerleading competitions fun to watch and lure new viewers to the sport. However, these stunts are the most complex and risky to get right. NCAA regulations, rules and guidelines have emerged specifying the correct mats that should be used to prevent injury for cheerleading. Check with EZ Flex’s excellent sales team for more information on these guidelines.