For the serious gymnast, a home exercise center is a great way to supplement your training . Whether you or your child are hoping to be the next Simone Biles, or just looking to enhance fitness regimen, creating a safe and efficient gymnastics zone in your home will allow you to take those skills to the next level.

There are five basic equipment categories you’ll want to address when creating your home workout center:

1. Balance Beams for Home

When purchasing a balance beam, measurements are crucial. Make sure you get one that’s regulation width and provides as much length as possible. Competition beams are 16’ long, but get what you can fit. Also, stick to higher quality construction materials – there’s nothing sadder (or more dangerous) than a sagging balance beam. A floor beam is ideal for younger gymnasts as it will provide additional safety. 

2. Gymnastics Training Mats

Probably the most important piece of equipment in your home gymnastics area, your mat provides cushion and traction to prevent injuries while allowing you to perfect your technique. Like the balance beam, it’s best not to compromise on quality here. You’ll want a mat that’s firm for general support and protection, as well as a softer mat like a crash or landing mat, for comfortably absorbing heavy impacts.

3. Training Bars

Very few people have room for a full set of uneven bars in their home, but there are single-bar trainers available that are compact and provide plenty of opportunity to practice basic bar skills. Make sure you get one that’s adjustable—eye level is ideal.

4. Accessories and Training Aids

Once you’ve handled the larger pieces of equipment, think about which training aids are most important to your craft. Fitness balls are a good addition, since they provide a wide range of exercise options that will help you build core strength. EZ Flex has a wide variety of accessories and training aids, like inclines and shape mats, that can support your equipment and training.

5. Where to Shop

Now that you’ve got a list of the must- haves, all that’s left is to figure out where to get what you need. Naturally, Amazon has just about everything and at a good price, but might not offer the highest quality gear or customer support you need if you have questions. The EZ Flex online store is a better option – we have everything you need, it’s all top quality, and our experts are here to help you choose the best equipment for your or your gymnast.

Buying Guide List

Balance Beams:

Simone Biles Signature Line Balance Beams
Excellent home balance beams for a variety of skill levels.

Home Mats: 

EZ Flex Home Gymnastics Mats
Train on the same style of carpeted mats used at most gyms!

Simone Biles Signature Line Training Mats
A wide selection of panel mats and landing mat

Training Bars:

Simone Biles Signature Line Training Bars
Adjustable bars for beginner and intermediate gymnasts.

Accessories and Training Aids

Training Aids from Spieth America
Complete your home gym with these accessories and training aids.