Martial Arts Testimonials

We work hard to provide the greatest martial arts mats and customer service in the industry, Here's what EZ Flex customers have been saying about us:

We love our new mats for our basement! Being able to get in training at home on a similar mat to our dojo has really helped speed up our family’s development. They feel great to move around on!

Dustin P
Home Mat Customer

Great quality mats!

Tom G.
3 Elements Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our BJJ school has been purchasing and using EZ Flex products for the past 5 years. Not only are the products reliable but if there was an issue or if I had questions the customer service provided was immediately responsive.

Dianna O.
Black Flag Jiu Jitsu Club

I gave away my couch and coffee table to convert my living room into workout space. I purchased mats to have more space to use my Suples equipment and stretch, do yoga, and drill jiu-jitsu.

Laura White
Home Mat Customer

Thank you for making a great product!

Lawrence H.
Home MMA Mat Customer

After a few weeks using the mat regularly, we're very pleased It's so cool to have a professional mat at home. The 1 5/8" EZ Flex Mat on this subfloor feels great when rolling and doing takedowns. Our whole family rolls on the mat plus some friends who come by sometimes.

Colby Reid
Home Mat Customer