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Premium Storage Bag
For the ultimate protection of your mats, EZ Flex is pleased to offer our new premium mat storage..
Standard Storage Bags (Set of 7)
Medium-duty plastic bags for use with full-size mats, good for keeping mats clean while in storag..
10' x 10' Home Martial Arts Mat (1-1/4" Thickness)
Our 1-1/4"-thick home martial arts mats, featuring our smooth non-slip vinyl surface, is perfect ..
3' x 6' FlexFit Fitness Mat
The new 3' x 6' FlexFit mat was designed to be the ultimate fitness mat. With it's comfortable an..
4" Wrestling/Martial Arts Mat Tape
Quality 4" mat tape for joining wrestling and martial arts mat sections. 8 Mil thickness ..
Based on 1 reviews.
4' x 6' Home Cheer & Gymnastics Mat (1-3/8" Thickness)
Lightweight, portable, and super easy to set up and store, this 1-3/8"-thick mat is perfect for p..
Based on 23 reviews.
4' x 6' Home Wrestling/MMA Mat (1-5/8" Thickness)
These 4' x 6' mats are identical to our competition wrestling mats, featuring the same thick 1-5/..
Based on 6 reviews.
Bucketless Mat Mop
Clean your vinyl wrestling or martial arts mats in a fraction of the time with this all-in-one bu..
Carpet Bonded Foam Rolls (Two Pieces)
These 6' x 42' carpet rolls, in 1-3/8" or 2" thickness, consist of two shorter sections joined wi..
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Carpet Bonded Foam Rolls - 6' x 42' x 1-3/8"
EZ Flex Carpet Bonded Foam mats, for cheerleading and gymnastics, are made from our soft, du..
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Carpet Bonded Foam Rolls - 6' x 42' x 1-3/8" (Non-Flex)
EZ Flex Carpet Bonded Foam mats for cheerleading and gymnastics are made using our durable 26 oz...
Carpet Home Mat - Mystery Remnant
Score a great deal on a home mat with a factory remnant! These 4' x 6' mats have a carpet surface..
$96.00 $79.00
Based on 4 reviews.
Sparkle Flex Cheerleading Mat - 6' x 42'
Introducing Sparkle Flex, the world's first sparkling cheer mat! We've fused reflective fibers ri..
Storage Straps
Replacement storage straps for full-size EZ Flex mats, sold individually. Choose from hook-and-lo..
TWO 4' x 6' Home Cheer/Gymnastics Mats
Our 4' x 6' Combo Deal is back! For a limited time, save 25% on two 4' x 6' x 1-3/8" home carpet ..
$192.00 $144.00