Carpet-Foam Gymnastics Mats

Quick Setup

Quick Setup

Thanks to our EZ Flex rolling system, a single person can set up or break down a full gymnastics floor in just minutes. No flipping, no fuss!
3-Year Limited Warranty

3-Year Limited Warranty

Full size EZ Flex gymnastics mats are backed by our Three-Year Limited Warranty, one of the best warranties in the industry.
Focus on Quality

Focus on Quality

We use the highest quality carpet and foam to create a mat that offers excellent protection and is built to last.
Experience and Innovation

The Flexible Mat Experts

The EZ Flex team are the original inventors of the flexible rolling system and have more than 100 years of sports mat manufacturing experience combined.
1-3/8" Flexible Mat Standard (Non-flexible) Mat SuperFlex EVA Mat 1-3/8" Carpet Foam Detail Fully Rolled (flexible) Mat Easy to roll and set up

Easy to Set up & Move

EZ Flex Gymnastics Mats

EZ Flex mats are incredibly quick to set up and break down, and easy to move. A full mat section weighs only about 120 pounds, light enough to be moved by just one or two people.

Our EZ Flex rolling system allows full gymnastics floors to be set up or taken down in minutes: perfect for multi-purpose facilities where mats have to be moved frequently.

Quality Materials & Construction

Soft, Durable Carpet and Resiliant Foam

EZ Flex mats are made to last, using only high quality materials and the latest in manufacturing processes. The four keys to look for when buying carpet bonded foam mats are:

  • Foam: The most important component of any quality mat, our high-impact cross-linked polyethylene and EVA foams provide great shock absorption and durability.
  • Carpet Surface: Our mats are made with our custom heavy-duty carpet that's durable while providing a great soft feel.
  • Foam/Carpet Bond: One of the keys to a long-lasting mat is the bond between the foam and the carpet layers. EZ Flex uses an advanced flame laminating process that fuses the two together for maximum strength, creating a near-perfect bond.
  • Flex System/Cuts: To make the EZ Flex rolling method possible, cuts must be made in the foam on the back side of the mat. Our state of the art computerized system makes a perfect cut every time while leaving the carpet layer untouched, for a fold that won't fail over time.

Three-Year Limited Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products. That's why EZ Flex gymnastics mats are backed by our Three-Year Limited Warranty. Our quality control standards are among the industry's most stringent in order to assure that every mat leaving our facility meets the same EZ Flex standard of excellence.

Gymnastics Mat Pricing

1-3/8" Thickness 2" Thickness
Price tablePrice table
Individual Carpet Rolls
6' x 42'
42' x 42' Floor
Seven Carpet Rolls
Colors: Your choice of Blue, Red, Black, Purple or Gray
Velcro: One roll of 4" hook velcro included for each seam (one fewer than the number of carpet rolls).
Non-Flexible Rolls: Standard carpet rolls (non Flex-cut) available upon request.
Note: Carpet colors could vary slightly between orders.
If mats are intended to be used for rock climbing walls, please contact us prior to ordering.
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Carpet Colors

  • Blue Carpet
  • Red Carpet
  • Purple Carpet
  • Black Carpet
  • Gray Carpet

Note: Colors are approximate. If color matching is a concern, we'll gladly provide a free product sample.

Logos - New!

Gymnastics Mat Logos

Add some flash with our new logo options, now available on all EZ Flex carpet mats! Add your team's logo, name, or that of a sponsor!

Available colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Black or Gray

Contact us today for more information!

Mat Sizes


  • 1-3/8" - Our standard mat thickness. Provides the ideal combination of performance, versatility, and portability.
  • 1.5" - Only available in EVA foam, 1.5" mats offer a spring-like bounce at an economical price.
  • 2" - For the ultimate in performance, we also offer 2" thickness carpet mats in both standard and EVA foam.

Standard Sizes:

  • 42' x 42' Competition Floor (Seven 6' x 42' mat sections)
  • Individual carpet rolls: 6' x 42'.
  • Need a custom size? Just contact us for a quote.

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Gymnastics Mat Specifications

Standard Section Size
6' x 42' (standard) or custom sizes
Section Width
6 feet
Section Length
42 feet
1-3/8" Stored (Rolled) Size
32" (diameter) x 72" (height)
2" Stored (Rolled) Size
41" (diameter) x 72" (height)
Max Custom Size
6 feet x 130 feet
42' x 42' Floors
7 mat sections @ 6' x 42'
1-3/8" Section Weight
110 lbs
2" Section Weight
135 lbs
Standard Foam Thickness
1-3/8" or 2"
EVA Foam Thickness
1.5" or 2"
Foam Specs
Closed-cell Cross-linked Polyethylene foam
or SuperFlex EVA foam
Carpet Specs
26 oz. carpet

Download Specification Sheet (PDF)

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Home Gymnastics Mats

Home Mats
Home Mats
Home Mats
Made from the same heavy duty carpet and high-performance sports foam as our competition mats, this 1-3/8" thick carpeted home mat offers the best combination of performance and portable convenience.
  • Easy to set up and store: just roll it out or roll it up!
  • Available in blue, red, black or purple
  • Join multiple mats for bigger practice areas - velcro fasteners included
Click on a product below to buy online or go straight to our Online Store.

Online Home Mat Store

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Made in USA
Preferred Vendor
Preferred Vendor of The Little Gym

Around the Industry

...With over 60 years combined experience in design and manufacturing ... EZ Flex (makes) the most durable and highest quality sport mats in the world."

Coach Francis Allen
University of Nebraska, Head
Gymnastics Coach for 40 years
Two-time U.S. Olympic Coach
Eight NCAA Championships

...I enthusiastically endorse EZ Flex Sports Mats as totally dedicated to excellence in quality control and customer service.”

Hideo Mizoguchi
Champion Gymnastics Academy
Houston, TX
Former USAG Junior Olympic Men's
Technical Director

...There is no doubt that EZ Flex will continue to produce the best there is in the field of sport mats."

Colin Wackett
Past President, Ontario Gymnastics
Past Vice President, Canadian
Gymnastics Federation

...We know that EZ Flex Sport Mats will produce the highest quality of products that our industry could hope for."

Jim and Cheryl Jarrett
Owners of Capital Gymnastics
Austin, TX


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